Aim of the fund.

The aim of the Appeal is to give enduring support to Light Dragoons wounded on operations or in regimental service, to their families, and to the families of those killed on duty.

Major General David Rutherford-Jones CB Colonel of the Regiment

The Light Dragoon’s Colonel’s Appeal (Registered Charity 1041982) was set up as a direct result of the Regiment’s involvement with operations in Iraq and Afghanistan during the first decade or so of C21st.

The Appeal has been hugely successful, £1,000,000 reached by January 2014, and since then monies have continued to be donated. It has and continues to be a Herculean effort in fund raising by the Regimental family by which I mean all ranks amongst both our serving and retired soldiers, their families and the Regiment’s friends and supporters. Thank you.

Funds Raised so Far

£1,115,000 raised as from
1st February 2016

The Light Dragoons Colonel's Appeal Fund is centrally controlled and held within the Light Dragoons Charitable Fund.

Registered charity No. 1041982.

Light Dragoons website

The monies raised are being used to support Light Dragoons either directly or indirectly who have been injured or wounded on operations and to support their families; and also to provide help for the immediate families of those of our soldiers who died on operational duty. The demands in this respect seem to us fairly constant, and quite considerable. We expect the demand to continue for many years as the aftermath of tough operational deployments unfolds for our soldiers and their families, in its various guises and over time. We will never let our soldiers down, whether they are amongst those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, or indeed those who engage in future conflict.

To this end it is my intention that the ‘Colonel’s Appeal’ will remain ‘open’. We shall neither encourage nor discourage individuals and groups from supporting the Appeal. The Appeal will simply remain an enduring focal point for donations that are made to The Light Dragoons specifically for the purpose of supporting our solders’ welfare, and the welfare of our families post operational deployment, now and in the future. Please remember that donations to our Charity can be tax efficient.

Finally may I personally, and on behalf of all those who have either worked hard to make this Appeal such a success and on behalf of all those who have either benefited or may indeed benefit in future, thank the exceptional generosity of all those individuals who have contributed so far.

With best wishes to you all