Frequently Asked Questions

Aim of the fund is to give enduring support to Light Dragoons wounded on operations or in Regimental service, to their families, and to the families of those killed on duty.

Please let us know of any Events you plan so they can be included on the Events Page. You may find some of the templates, which are available on the Resources Page, helpful.

Why has the Fund been launched?

In the last 15 years the Light Dragoons have been on near continuous operations in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. Regimental funds can now barely cope with the increased demands placed upon them and we know from experience that, as a result of recent tours, the need is likely to increase. Therefore we must raise capital if we are to meet our responsibilities to those who have given so much to the Regiment and their Country. The six tragic deaths, over 30 wounded and the numerous psychological casualties from the last Afghan tour have shown all of us, whether serving or connected with the Light Dragoons in any way, that this Appeal is both timely and necessary.

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Surely it is the responsibility of other military charities to support injured soldiers and their families?

Whilst it has been recognised that much of the financial burden imposed by tragic operational casualties and injuries to soldiers is catered for by the MoD and specialist charitable organisations who provide an immensely helpful element, experience shows that there is very much still a need for Regimental assistance. We are a family Regiment and it is to us that the needy from within the family first turn. It is right and proper that initial and prompt help should come from the Regiment.

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What will the proceeds be used for?

The fund will provide support to the families and dependants of those killed in action by responding promptly to problems of bereavement and hardship. It also supports those wounded on operations, particularly those who will have future and/or long term requirements for assistance. Finally, to provide support for the families and dependants of those seriously wounded or injured in prolonged recovery situations.

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Who is running the fund?

A team of retired and serving individuals drawn from the Light Dragoons extended family, who are commercially-minded and available to devote time and energy to improving the welfare of injured soldiers and their families, inclusive of those who have lost their lives on active service.
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How will the fund set about raising money?

Our aim to raise £1 million in an 18 month campaign commencing on 1st April 2011 and concluding around October 2012.

A team of volunteers co-ordinated by the Colonel of the Regiment and Home Headquarters of The Light Dragoons will hold a series of fund-raising and sponsored events in the 18 months of the campaign. There will also be individual appeals and web based auctions.

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Who is the fundraising campaign aimed at?

The appeal is aimed at all those who wish to support the Light Dragoons who have been injured or killed on current operations. This will principally target the Regimental family of past members, friends, colleagues, the wider public and companies in the private sector from the areas where we recruit, the North East of England and South Yorkshire.

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How can I raise money for the fund?

There are many ways that you can support this campaign over and above making a donation yourself. A look at the Events page or the How to Donate page will give you some examples of what others are already doing, or you can contact the fundraising office for further help and advice or with your suggestions. Contact Us.

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